We have 240 peach trees of various varieties tucked in the hollow between Blue’s Hill and our Conservation Resource Enhancement Program land.  It was the warmest area on the farm I could find and many of the trees are doing quite well.  The trees are 6 feet apart in row with 20 foot wide aisles.  Many have been pruned to a V training system to start but I have since decided to allow multiple leaders based on some of the reading I have done.  They are irrigated with above ground drip tubes and will use grass clippings and weed whacking to keep the growth down at the tree base.  Some of the trees are handicapped by rocky outcroppings but we will nurture them along as best we can.


2 Responses to PEACHES

  1. William says:

    How much are your peaches per bushel? Thanks

  2. Tom says:

    We are sold out of peaches for the year Tans for asking!

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