Around Christmas five years ago I started talking to Jackie about getting a dog.  Our last child had gone off to school and the house was a little empty.  Jackie and I had both had dogs at one point or another in our lives and the idea just took off.  Jackie was somewhat unsure but after a little convincing on my part, she agreed to look for a dog.  From somewhere in  my past I had envisioned the perfect dog for me and I started scouring the Internet.  I found a dog that fit the look and we purchased her.

We picked up Rose at a truck stop on I-66 the night after Christmas at 3 am.  The breeder had a trucker deliver her, she sat in the cab with the driver in a cardboard box.  He handed her to me through the window of the semi and said “She is a real sweet pup.”  I brought her back to the car and handed her to Jackie.  Rose immediately nestled into Jackie’s neck and whimpered softly.  Well that was all it took to win Jackie over completely  and from that day on Rose has been the most sweetest and loving dog to the two of us.  She has grown into a very protective, opinionated and very goal oriented dog who likes things, all things,  to be right by her standards and what is right for a dog in this world.  And I like that about her.  She knows what is right and but she also knows she can sway things by her temperament, her sweetness and her vulnerabilities.  I like those qualities and it makes me take a look at how I deal with life.  And I must say I have learned from her.

So that is where Sweet Rose comes from.  The farm came from taking Rose to herding lessons and watching her work.  She is a different dog when she is on sheep.  All business, learning from mistakes and very particular on how things should go.  While working sheep the idea of having a farm started to grow on me.  Not only for Rose but for me.  The beauty of the land plus the hard work  involved in farming made me change the way I think and work.  So about three years back Jackie and I started looking for a farm and together we decided Highland County was the place to be.  One idea led to another and we are moving forward with becoming a grower of fruit, vegetables and whatever else we can think of for now.  The naming of the farm was quick…it just seemed so right to name it after Rose and her love for us and the land and of life.