Sweet Rose Farm lies on Monterey Mountain in Highland County facing the Blue Grass Valley. We are just north of Monterey, 3 miles off of US Highway 250, about an hour west of Staunton, VA. I like to tell folks we are east of West Virginia in west Virginia.

Sweet Rose Farm, like all of Highland County, has an alluring appeal with its views of scenic mountains and valleys. The farms here have been most productive as grazing lands for sheep and cattle. And its forests are renowned for their sugar maples and wonderful maple syrup, masterfully drawn and boiled and bottled by local families for generations. We are nestled in between two sugar camps, Puffenbargers to the north and Rexrodes to the south.

Sweet Rose Farm lies on the upslope of Monterey Mountain which peaks here at 3950 feet. Most of the growing will be done in the 3200 -3500 foot elevations. The farm has little level ground, but has wondrous pastures and hollows, and has an ideal exposure to the sun and the wind in its courses. Springs run year round and 4 have been harnessed to provide natural spring water to the house and irrigation system. The soil has been enriched from years of grazing. Although once very susceptible to late freezes in the spring and early freezes in the fall, a change in climate conditions for the region has taken place and softened the season for growing, allowing for a longer, productive growing season. These ideal conditions coupled with certified organic growing practices produce a product full of taste and free of harmful pesticides. Using the newest developments and selecting products of both customer favorite and heirloom varieties promise a diverse and expansive product line. The skills and strength of the business lie in undying work ethic, love and preservation of the earth and its resources, customer satisfaction, product perfection and reliability of production.