IMG_1127Our red, black and purple raspberries have all done well since their planting three years ago.  The canes are trained on a 4 wire trellis and have been thinned to about 8 canes every foot of row. Here is a look at them in their winter dormancy.

We are planting 100 yellow raspberry bushes this spring.

Our blackberries have not shown as vigorous of growth but have produced some nice berries none the less.  We will spend this year providing a bit more care and fertilizer to see if that helps.  They also seem to suffer a more from the late season Japanese beetle pest so we will try other methods to control these bugs.



The blueberries have also done fairly well.  We have installed a hoop framework to someday cover the blueberries with netting.  We anticipate pest pressure and so after pollination we will cover the rows with netting.

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