High Tunnel Prep Continues

I have been working on and off through the month to get the high tunnel ready for planting.  I needed to make some adjustments on the roll up sides and I still don’t have it quite right yet.  They still lift a little too much when the wind blows and the straps can’t hold the sides in place which leads to a blow out of the plastic on the opposite of the tunnel.  Here are the sides I am talking about:

In this picture you see the side rolled all the way up.  When it is unrolled it should snug up tight to the bottom board you see along the ground.  I think I need to lower my straps a bit on that bottom board in order to hold the rolled down side firmly in place.

I also have been doing a lot of de-compacting the soil.  The bulldozer packed it down pretty tight when the pad was built so I have been using a soil ripper and tiller to loosen it up.  With all that I have harvested quite a few rock, well, actually parts of rock.  The tiller breaks up the limestone fairly easily and I am left with the six little rocks instead of one big one.  The seed bed is almost ready to go, I will start planting this week in the tunnel.  I have decided to go with mostly summer crops in the high tunnel.  It has been warm enough the past week to get the soil temps up and with the expected weather to be fair for awhile I think I can get a good start on them.

And here is how the it looks after some rock harvesting:

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2 Responses to High Tunnel Prep Continues

  1. Young David says:

    Good Work Farmer Tom!!! Wish i was there to help. Say hello to the pups for me.

  2. John Schultz says:

    I think we need some pics of the high tunnel progress!

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