High Tunnel at Sweet Rose Farm

Trenches for pipes

The construction of the high tunnel is ongoing with hopefully just a few steps left to go. We started in December with clearing the pad to place the tunnel. Using a bulldozer we leveled a pad about 130 feet by 50 feet. We met some resistance with rock but eventually we got a pretty level area to put the tunnel.

Looking down from Blue’s Hill

Once we got the pad set, we tried to drive some posts to hold the bows of the tunnel. We were met with a lot of rock and had to abandon the plan to hand drive posts. That night the snows came and after a few days of rough weather, we ended up with 20 inches of snow on the pad. Back came the bull dozer to clear the pad and then we brought the backhoe in dig a trench for the posts.  We placed the posts and over a few days and fill in the trench as mucha s we could before the ground froze for good.  Once we got the bows up we were able to stabilize the structure by attaching purlins and braces and wood base boards.

The end walls were constructed out of framing and plywood.  A sill plate was sunk in the ground and the joists for the walls were connected to the pipe with metal strapping.  Sliding doors complete the solid wood wall.

Next up will be to attach wood on the side of the bows to create a hip board the entire length of the tunnel.  The plastic will attach to this board and the board also helps to stabilize the structure.

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