Grass Fed Beef On Sale Now

I have just loaded up our freezers with some of the best grass fed beef Highland County can produce.  Processed by Blue Ridge Meats, the fine cuts have been wrapped in paper and the hamburger vacuum packed.  These cuts are very lean and have been aged 22 days.  I have simplified our pricing structure in the hopes of moving a lot of beef now in order to restock the freezers in another month.

We are now offering a one and one sale.  For every pound of steak purchased we will add in a pound of ground beef  for $7 per pound.  So to 4 lbs of New York Strip, we add 4 pounds of hamburger for a total of 8 pounds costing $56.  A real deal when you look at the individual cost for cuts such as New York Strip.

If you want to increase your savings, purchase 60 -120 pounds for $6.50 a pound.  And for purchases over 120 pounds, the charge is $6.00 per pound.

And best of all you will get free delivery on all beef ordered.  Also if you have some special needs, give me a call or send an email and we will try to work up what you need.

Here is a listing of the cuts I have available today.  Some cuts are limited so order early for the best selection.  Call me or send an email with your order and I will deliver!

1/2 lb packages


New York Strips

Rib steaks

Flat Iron



Hanging Tender

1 lb packages

London Broil


Sirloin Tip

Stew Meat


2+ lbs packages


 3+ lb packages

Soup bones

Marrow Bones




Ox Tail



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