Just Being Neighborly

As much as we say it all depends on the weather, it actually depends more on who is there for you when you can’t make it without help.  My neighbor Ivan was there for me today.  The trees arrived today from Adams County Nursery and Ivan was there to pull them off the semi truck and get them up the mountain.  In the snow, and the rain and the mud.  Without Ivan’s help those trees would be sitting in my driveway waiting for the rain to end.  And it looks like it will be awhile before the rain ends.

Ivan Moving the Trees

Six plastic wrapped pallets hold the 4000 trees.  The wrap will keep the trees protected until we plant them over the weekend.  Ivan was able to get them up the mountain and place them in between the rows.

Placing the Pallets in the Orchard

Late in the afternoon I was able to set about 60 trees just to get a feel for planting extravaganza that is to come this weekend.  The rain chased me out after a couple hours but I was pleased with the trees, the trench, the dirt and then at the end, the mud.  I think this is going to be fun.


Winecrisp Apple trees find their new home

Thanks again to Ivan and his helper, Richard, for getting the trees up to where I can do something with them.  It is good to have good neighbors…with a big John Deere!


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