Waiting for the Weather

Looking up the mountain through the soon-to-be apple orchard

Well everything is in place for the apple orchard planting scheduled for next weekend.  Up to a crew of six consisting of  sons, friends and wives  (I’ll leave you guessing on how many of each!) will be on hand to take on 4000 two year old apple trees and finding their spot in the orchard.  The rows have been plowed one last time, the planting furrow is etched, the end posts have been driven and the trees are set to be delivered on Wednesday.  The only thing in flux is, as always, the weather.  We can plant in the rain, we can deal with the cold weather or the warm weather, but we are going to have one heck of a time if we can’t get the trees up the mountain.  Or if we can get them up, can we get down without sliding down the mountain? Tractors, trucks and ATVs will be used to ferry the trees up. And if we can get back down again, hopefully we can come and go as we please.  The trees need to be shaded until planting so we won’t be able to take them all up at once.  So it all comes down to precipitation.  We need very little over the next week.  Today we had some snow and hopefully the warm-up will take care of that, however the forecast currently for next weekend has some rain in it.  So we will wait and see how fortunate we are come next weekend.  Perhaps inviting a couple of pack horses to join the team would be in order!

Getting up and down this mountain is the worry of the week!

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