Apple Orchard Prep

I have been working steadily to get the apple orchard ready.  I have driven all the end posts for the trellis and have opened the soil in order to facilitate the actual planting of trees.  I have scheduled the delivery of trees from Adams County Nursery on March 30.  The tree planting crew is set to arrive on April 1.  My son Dave, stepsons, Wes and Drew, and neighbor Dustin Layton will hopefully be able to plant the 4000 trees over the weekend and on Monday.

End Posts in the Apple Orchard

I have been fortunate that the weather has dried out the mountain enough for me to move around the steep slopes in the orchard.  You can see some of the spots when the grass has been turned into mud from my driving to the top after each row.

The orchard consists of four sections.  The rows in three of their sections are 300 feet long and each row will have 100 trees.  The fourth section has rows 150 feet long and will hold 50 trees.  The picture here is of the top most section with an elevation of about 3800 feet.  It is a lot steeper than it looks.

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  1. Tom says:

    Hi Jane! Great to hear from you. We must get together when you come up again. Hopefully my bees behaved when they came to visit!

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