Pick and Choose

With the help of my very efficient web master, Frances Bevington, I have now created a “Products Fo r Sale Now” page where you can find everything that is growing or ready for sale at Sweet Rose.  Currently everything is growing now and not for sale but that will change even if the crik does rise!  I have gotten a lot of questions from friends about what I am growing and as you will see, all I could answer was lots of stuff!  Since that answer was a a little less than satisfactory, I have listed the products and their expected next harvest dates on this page.  Eventually I will include the yield of each harvest and the selling prices of the product, once the harvest begins.   If this looks like a lot of work, it is!  And that is just keeping this page up to date, never minding that pesky part of planting, growing and harvesting Certified Naturally Grown produce .  I am going to give this inventory page a shot though, because I think this is what a educated and concerned consumer should consider when planning their food buying and menus.  You deserve fresh and healthy food and I hope this page is a start in informing you what a local farmer can do for you in providing what is best for you and your family.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Wes says:

    I will take a 15% cut for the apples!

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