Maples Off and Running

I was down at Ivan’s Sugar Shack watching the maple water entering the holding tank.  The trees started running in earnest a couple days of go and the miles of tubing used to link the trees to the tank are channeling the maple water into the sugar shack.   Here are some of the trees I worked on setting up the tubing.

From there Ivan runs it through an osmosis machine to remove water and then starts the boiling process.  As the water boils down it is moved to a second boiler where Ivan watches the consistency and color of the mixture.  It is not quite syrup yet and at 213.1 degrees, the mixture is drawn out of the boiler automatically into a holding tank.  From that holding tank, Ivan transfers it to a larger tank for cooling.  Once cool, back into a final boiler to finish off the syrup.  Once done, the syrup is pumper through a filtering system and then bottled while the syrup is still above 180 degrees.  Ivan estimates he made 140 gallons of Grade Fancy Maple Syrup on this first full day of syrup making.

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