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Bee Delay

I never did get to check on the bees on Friday. The winds came up as they often do in the Highlands and the temps did not get above 55. No need to risk a nice tight cluster for my … Continue reading

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We Like

My supplier for organic seeds is High Mowing Organic Seeds in Wolcott, Vermont. They only offer organic seeds and they have great selection. They are at My supplier for fruit trees is Adams County Nursery in Aspers, Pennsylvania. We … Continue reading

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A Calf Is Born In the Country

This is the time of the year when calves are born here in the Blue Grass Valley.  These calves will grow and mature for 16-18 months before heading to market.  For now, they lay in the pasture next to their … Continue reading

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Seeds Are In the Mail

I just completed my seed order last week from High Mowing Organic Seeds.  I am excited for some new tomatoes and peppers varieties I will try this year.  Waiting on the mail lady and once she brings them, let the … Continue reading

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Honey Check

My five hives of bees have been on their own throughout the winter.  My mentor does not want me to open the hives to check on them until I get 55-60 degrees.  Tomorrow we expect 58 degrees and I’m going … Continue reading

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Apple Prep

The snow has melted and the top 4 inches of soil has thawed in the apple rows.  I have started to take up the trellis posts and supports.  The road up is getting pretty muddy so I will have hold … Continue reading

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Berry Wet

With the nice thaw we are having this week the trenches along the berries are draining out the water down the mountain.  I am waiting to get a good stretch of warm weather to lay sulfur on the blueberries and … Continue reading

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Maple Tapping

I have spent the last three weeks tapping maple trees for my neighbor Ivan.  We are trying out a new valve this year that fits between the tree and collection spout.  It is a one way valve and it is … Continue reading

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High Tunnel Prep Continues

I have been working on and off through the month to get the high tunnel ready for planting.  I needed to make some adjustments on the roll up sides and I still don’t have it quite right yet.  They still … Continue reading

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Got You Covered

The weather forecast for Tuesday was below freezing temperatures and a chance for snow.  That has been the  mantra for the last couple of weeks.    What was different was the forecast for a calm wind.  Now that was news and … Continue reading

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